Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Waiting

So we passed the "first" due date and tomorrow is the due date our midwife is focused on. Still waiting for the babe to arrive and the waiting has been pleasant. I'm enjoying time off from work, resting lots and talking with the baby. She is as active as she has been this whole time so hopefully she isn't too cramped in there. If I had to guess I think it will be another week before we meet her. Funny when I say that I feel like I am daring fate to show me up and break my water right here as I am typing. So far it hasn't happened.......and..........still hasn't happened.

Our Internet was down all weekend which has been torture. Not only am I an Internet addict but this big belly makes it even harder to pursue other interests. I am very happy these days sitting in a chair with my feet propped up reading all the blogs I love. Sigh. I am at the local coffee shop using their wireless and ours should be up and running as soon as Scott gets home tonight and enters some "special" code the company gave me this morning to reset our modem.

We decided to get me a lovely bike to decrease our use of the two cars. I am feeling very confident about this choice and excited to make an effort to drive less. We went to Clever Cycles which is a local bike shop that specializes in family transportation. The people there were so helpful and wonderful and hooked us up with a great bike at an incredibly low price. I've been riding my bike (nickname: The Copper Penny) every day since then. Nice little jaunts around my neighborhood feel great on my hips and it is nice to expand my lungs and work my leg muscles without the impact of walking. When I ride Penny Scott says I have a shit eating grin the whole time. I love it and feel like one lucky lady to have such a beautiful machine. We will take pictures of it eventually, for now here is a stock Internet photo of the lovely.

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  1. Makes me think of that poster of Einstein on a bike. He's got that look like he's having way too much illicit fun. I assume I must have the same look, except when grinding up hill.