Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More photos, we can't stop staring at her

I swear Cora looks like a different baby every day, even minute to minute. She is gaining weight rapidly and continues to get stronger and more social. She has her first in office doctors visit tomorrow, up until now they have all been here at home. We are continuing to work on the breast feeding which is getting better and better every day. This morning we made it out of the house to the diner down the street. First meal out with baby accomplished.

Getting ready to go to breakfast

First breakfast out of the house!

First bath


  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. Hey Everyone, if you leave an Anonymous comment make sure to write who it is from. Thanks!

  3. You two are brave! We STILL haven't taken Jackson out to eat!!! Nice work :) Glad to hear breastfeeding is getting better! Give the lil one a smoochie from the Mitten State.

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  5. Hi Scott, Crystal & Cora,
    I haven't called because I know you are super busy and super tired.

    Hope your mom is having a good time helping out.

    So what does Cora weigh now?

    Love you all
    Your IL Mom