Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Acupuncture Anyone?

I am prone to moments of euphoria these days. Sitting here in my quiet house with sunshine coming through the windows and my baby moving around in my belly I feel delirious, happy, breathlessly excited about my life. When I am overcome with these sweet fleeting moments a part of me panics. All the years of heart ache and depression trained me to fear the highs. Slowly that is thawing. More and more each day I am allowing the happiness in, allowing myself to fall in love with my life again.

Oh, and no baby yet. We are visiting the doctor today for a check up. All the bike riding and walking hasn't been enough to convince her to arrive yet so I will probably start a round of acupuncture to attempt to induce labor.


  1. hang in there..fingers crossed!

    ~let me know if you need me...i'm happy to poke you ;)

  2. Oh Gosh! No update for 2 days! Does this mean baby is on the way?!