Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cora turned one and is going to be a big sister!

Tonight is the last night in this old house. A house that held wonder, amazement and heartbreak for us. We arrived here 6 years ago with no furniture, just our dogs and cat. 2.5 years living in the basement apartment where we got used to being married, learned to cook, landed our first decent jobs in Portland, I started school and we mourned the loss of my first pregnancy. 3 years in the main floor apartment where I finished school and started working, where Scott became an electrician apprentice, where we suffered and recovered from the second miscarriage and fought that battle to finally welcome Cora home to this place. While I am very excited to move on I will always lovingly remember this apartment, the exact spot where I was standing in the kitchen when my water broke.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Cora's first birthday. We had a nice little party and the trend in our life continued, of throwing a milestone party right before a major relocation. When we first started planning our wedding in Missoula we did not know at the time that it would morph into a giant going away party. When we were planning Cora's first birthday we did not know that the perfect next home would open itself up to us the very day before her celebration. So it is and we are embracing the trend.

I suppose some part of me is sad to move on, or even afraid of the change. There is much comfort for this Virgo in sticking with the way things have always been.  However, I have only to remember the inconvenience of bathing my daughter here without a bathtub to push that fear aside. Our new home is lovely and the product of 6months of daily Craigslist prowling, and hundreds of emails to potential landlords, and of course lots of luck. I'm not sure if I believe in guardian angels but if they do exist I am sure Cora's had something to do with this.

It is also a relief timing wise because we are expecting another baby. Crazy I know, I will have two under two for a few months! We had been looking for a new apartment long before I became pregnant but it certainly upped the sense of urgency. It's been a very difficult first trimester, I've been much sicker then I was with Cora which is crazy because I was pretty damned sick with her! Regardless I am looking forward to having us moved just before the second trimester relief and energy kicks in. I can hardly imagine a whole summer to nest and love on Cora in our beautiful new home in the trees (pics to come soon).