Friday, February 5, 2010

twiddling fingers

No baby yet, but we do have a new set of curtains in the kitchen that I've been meaning to sew for almost a year. I guess nesting is good for old projects. Note the new blue stand mixer, most brilliant Christmas present ever. Is it strange that I find a stand mixer sexy?

Some of my favorite scenes around the house these days.

New Curtains:

Close up of the curtain print. I love this stuff, it appeals to my fascination with antlers. It's by Joel Dewberry and I picked it up here at Fabric Depot

The recipe and apron wall in the kitchen.

My lovely vintage sewing machine that we picked up for $12 at my favorite thrift store back in Missoula. This machine is in great condition and it is super industrial, made out of what looks like dark brown cast iron, although not as heavy as cast iron. It took me a little while to learn how to thread and operate it properly and now it's smooth sailing.


  1. aaah! I love your sewing machine. Very cool.

    And the fabric with the stag and birds is great too. I like your style - your baby is going to grow up in a very cool household ;)

  2. Stand mixers are always sexy! I love your new curtains.I have been meaning to make us some new ones,now I am a bit inspired.
    Chance and I are thinking of you as you await the coming of baby.
    Best Regards!