Monday, November 12, 2007

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To those of you who have previously tried to leave a comment and run into the frustration of not being able to post due to not having a google account:

I reset the function so anyone can now comment their heart out. It's taken me awhile but I'm figuring this thing out.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

San Juan Islands

Let's see, first and foremost. Scott got a job working with an electrician outfit!!!!! This was great timing as he landed the job the day after our traveling and company wrapped up. The job will move him further up the line for the apprenticeship program while giving him great experience in the meantime. It will also offer insurance for both of us which is much needed. I hope you will all join me in congratulating him on breaking into a whole new line of work. It's taken many months and extreme commitment.

Two weeks ago we traveled to the San Juan islands of Northwest Washington for a late season camping trip. It is hard to find words to describe this experience, save to say we both fell in love with region. I have always wanted to learn how to boat and sail, as well as do some sea kayaking. We both loved all the water and trees, and the people were so incredibly kind. The state employees even held an entire ferry of people because we left our camera in a cafe on the dock. So, without those lovely people we would not have any of the images I am posting today.

Also, the next post down has a few videos I uploaded from Youtube. Unfortunately these aren't our videos, however, I feel that they all capture something unique about the region. The first video is a time lapse of the Ferry landing at Orcas Island. This was the first place we came to on the islands and will always hold a special place in my heart. The other two videos are an unrealized passion of mine. To sea kayak with killer whales. Now that would be something to write home about!

Stained glass windows from the Whale Museum, San Juan Island

Me joining a group of wooden people who looked like they were having fun. The town of Anacortes Washington has these people attatched to buildings all over town.

View of Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters as we embark on the ferry from Anacortes

Photos on the ferry crossing

I love this photo, it comes close to capturing how magical the sun played on the water

Early morning light on the Orcas Hotel, our first landing spot in the islands. We looked a bit longingly at this spot as we headed into the woods with our camping supplies

Our beautiful camping spot. There were only two other people on this entire lake while we were there

Having too much fun

Life size Orca whale one eyeing me.

Whale bones inside of the whale museum

Me in another life. I always knew there was a reason I liked water so much

Scott at the whale museum making whale sounds in the recording instruments

The next few photos will never do justice to the magnificent beauty we encountered that day. These are taken from the observation point on Mount Constitution which is located on Orcas Island. From here we had breathtaking views of the San Juan Islands, the Olympic Cascade mountain range, views into Canada including the city of Vancouver, as well as breathtaking views of Mt Baker. Rare are the days of clear visibility from this perch which is often shrouded with rain. I feel so blessed to have been there on this day.

A morning ferry ride to explore other islands in the area. I love the light first thing in the day.

Our last morning in camp, up early and trying to take it all in

Us, full of beautiful visions

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is my congratulations you graduated from Massage School Owl shaped truffle!!! Isn't he cute? It was really difficult to bite his head off.

Well, I did it! I GRADUATED!!! Can you believe it? Two years after landing in Portland I reeled in the big fish. So, now the simple and huge task of taking my board exams remains. Wish me luck everyone as I embark on my mad study sessions and deep breathing to allay the fear.

Here I am accepting my diploma

This is my favorite teacher Linda Hunt, a wonderful educator and mentor.

So, aside from that big news we've just been playing at being our normal selves. Scott blogged recently about our birthday celebration at the Amusement park. What he didn't mention is how he got me hooked on Bumper Cars. I never understood before this point in time the joy of ramming random strangers, and of course your husband:) with these funny little cars. Scott managed to snap a few photos of my ridiculous joy!

For my birthday Scott bought me a 10 lb bar of Dark Chocolate. You seriously have to go at this thing with a chisel and hammer in order to make a dent. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with it.....let's face it, I'm intimidated by its smooth chocolatey goodness. And of course, our most loving home moments are overseen by the ever watchful eye of the sparkly stag of doom.

Let's see.......what else to report???? The summer is winding down and soon I have to put away the big sunglasses.

We attended a wedding last weekend for some friends here in Portland. We hosted several people from out of town for the festivities. It was nice to have an excuse to get all gussied up and have a fun time.

After a few drinks at the wedding it was fun with the table arrangements.

Other then weddings and graduations it is 3D movies in bed .......

And the regular antics with Rasputin my husband:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chicken pot pie and rollercoasters

Well, a few leaves are falling out here. Even though it's more due to dry weather than cold weather it does make us reflect on the fun outdoor stuff we have been able to do this summer. Randy was able to drop in for a surprise visit due to his new job shuttling him all over the country. Crystal had the camera in Montana (see last post) so I don't have any photos from our hike, but we hiked to the top of two huge waterfalls on a beautiful day. Randy got to sample some of the neighborhood's Lebanese and Cuban cuisine, which was everyone's favorite.

Crystal and I managed to get away to the Pacific coast which still runs old-fashioned steam engine trains for sight-seeing tours. We didn't take the tour, but the train looked neat with the off shore rock formations in the ocean behind it.

Olive is growing up so fast and has really taken a shine to Jelly. They like to jump on each other and sometimes Olive even rides her like a bull. It's hard to get a picture when that magic happens, but this one is pretty cute.

Every year thousands of people gather to our nearby volcano for an exciting soap box race. They move very fast and are hard to take a picture of, but it was fun to see so many people come together for something so ridiculously fun and childish.

Speaking of childish delight, for my birthday we celebrated retro-style. We found an old drug store that has an original soda fountain where they still mix your soda by hand. They still make Green River and serve ice cream. Then we were off to one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the country. We never went until now because we assumed it was expensive, but it turns out that it is run by a non-profiut for historical preservation. It's free admission and $2 a ride. You can even bring your own food and picnic on the river for free! We rode the bumper cars twice and this mini-rollarcoaster nearly gave us whiplash.

My first homemade chicken pot pie. Yum!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summertime flying by!

Today finds me short on words and long on photos. More to come soon! Hope you are all well and that your summers are stretching out as long as possible.

A new way to dop off your mail

I was in Montana for a few days during wildfire season. Here is a fire burning just over this mountain.

Here's a picture in Missoula of what looks like a huge cloud coming over the mountains. It's not actually a cloud put an enormous plume of smoke from a fire that just broke out. Within the next 24 hours this settled over the city leaving it like a warzone. It was hard to see more then a block in any direction the smoke was so thick.

No trip to Missoula would be complete without stopping by the Farmer's Market.

And of course, bars which serve trail mix in plastic marguerita cups. You were right Ben, that's some sweet trail mix.

And a few of the many lovely cruiser bikes that come out to play in the summertime of Missoula.

Back at the ranch we keep ourselves occupied.

And welcome a new person into the world. Morgan was born to our friend's Jesse and Kat.

And here are some of my most favorite people (our nieces and nephews from NY) who are bigger and bigger everytime I see them.

And when the fires weren't raging in Montana there was swimming to be had!