Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeah for more photos!!!!

Funny little week around here, Cora has outgrown the need to be swaddled while sleeping. Now she lays next to me at night flailing her arms and making funny little grumpy sounds. Funny except it keeps me awake so I'm feeling pretty darn tired. I hope it will only take a few more nights for her to get used to the feeling of her arms so we can get a bit more sleep. It must be beyond strange getting used to the sensation of gravity after being weightlessly suspended for your entire existence.

Here we are having a nice mid-morning cuddle

Someday I wont have braces on..sigh...

She looks so big close up

and so tiny from far away!

Bath time in her neat little tub. We don't have a bath tub and our kitchen sink is tiny so this has been a life saver.

Watching the Trailblazers (Portland's basketball team) with daddy, I like their profile shadows on the wall behind them

Hanging out in the pack and play in the dining room. She has just gained enough weight that she can wear her baby legs which are basically baby legwarmers.

Last weekend we left town and stumbled on a little renaissance festival at an old masonic lodge. We took a few random photos that day. It was Cora's first full day out of the house with us and she did great.

More baby legs!!! It's a whole new world of baby accessory! They really are great, they keep her legs warm and I don't have to take off any pants to change her diaper.

Mama baby time from our "command center" on the couch. That's the nickname I've given the spot where I sit with her and can reach everything essential to our, cell phone, medicines, binky, breast pump, bouncy chair, mixed nuts, water, baby books, magazines, multi-vitamins etc. The command center indeed!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our crazy days

I recently spent three days attempting to bake lemon bars, seven days actually if you count how many days it took me to get to the grocery store and procure the ingredients. This is perhaps the largest area of adjustment for me as I become accustomed to the role of mama. I can not believe how long it takes me to accomplish simple tasks such as baking an item that seems like a good idea, or planting the poor veggie starts I bought last week.

Most of the time I have a sense of humor about how our day unfolds, knowing the only thing certain is that it will not look anything like I anticipate it going. The baking thing really put me over the edge though, a mini meltdown ensued. After four failed days spent trying to get to the grocery store I chose a different recipe that I had the ingredients for. I managed to get Cora fed and happy and mixed the dough before turning it out onto the counter. The next step was to cut out biscuit sized portions, preferably with a biscuit cutter designed for the job. I do not have a biscuit cutter. Remembering watching my mom do this with a glass I started down that road. The glass must have been too thin because I managed to shatter it...into the dough I had just mixed. It all went into the garbage and I took the rest of the day off from baking.

After calmly throwing all my hard work away while the baby cried for her next feeding I hatched a plan to finally go to the grocery store in the morning. The next day found me again in the kitchen with a sleeping babe. It was great, I had a few minutes to play my favorite podcast (This American Life) and bake! I created the crust for the lemon bars and had it in the oven baking before I realized that we had completely run out of sugar. Uggghhh! The crust finished baking and sat on top of the refrigerator while Cora and I took another walk to the grocery store, this time for sugar and a bit of wine for mama who desperately needed a few doctor approved sips.

Back at home again and seven days after I first had the thought "gee, lemon bars would be awesome right about now" we had a glorious tray of them cooling in the kitchen. Wheewwww....I pulled it off! Now I just need to plant the garden.

Here's how Cora spends most of her day with me. I put her in the sling and pick up the house, walk around the neighborhood, water the garden etc...

Here she is riding in her sling:

...and ten minutes after being put in the sling:

I love this jumper, it's one of the first things I bought her when I was pregnant and she just started fitting into it. We were at the doctors yesterday and she weighs 10lb 9ounces.

Cora LOVES her uncle Jeff, she will sit and smile/talk at him as much as possible.

Another successful dinner out, this time to a fancy date night kind of restaurant. Everyone who meets her thinks she's a boy when we have her in this jumper. We don't care because we think it's cute and very comfy.

Sound asleep on her changing table

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Months Old!

We have made it through the first two months and life here is returning to a steady rhythm. I am back at work part-time and looking forward to gradually increasing my work load. Cora is thriving, growing stronger and more social every day. Scott has been working 6 days a week ever since he returned to work so Sunday's have become even more sacred as of late.

I returned to work last week only to catch a heck of a respiratory infection which put me under for several days and forced me to cancel lots of clients. A serious bummer all the way around, the only good part is that Cora and Scott did not get sick. In fact Scott took a few days off work to help me with the baby and the two of them had some solid bonding time. It was nice to float up from the depths of my fever to see them running around together. Here are a few photos Scott took of Cora while I was out of commission.

This is Cora's "declaring" arm. She is fond of tossing it up in the air and announcing her thoughts about any given situation.

Cora at One Month

Cora at Two Months

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny snuck into our house for the first time in the history of our marriage, must be something about having children that brings the fluffy tail to visit. Cora got to wear her Easter dress from grammie Shannon and we had a good time posing for some pictures.

And the best Easter present of all is our new nephew Mason Lucas who was born to Scott's sister and husband yesterday in Connecticut. We are so excited for them and can't wait to see pictures!