Saturday, January 30, 2010


So tomorrow is the due date, depending on who you talk to. We have actually been given two due dates Jan. 31st and Feb 2nd. At this point the baby is trending toward the February date. That could change of course but as of the moment it seems she has no intention of arriving by tomorrow.

The last few days have been spent doing much walking and bike riding. Mostly it feels good to walk as long as I have someone's arm to hang onto. All the prelabor symptoms I was feeling have faded and I've only had two noticeable contractions in the last week. This whole time I've assumed I would go into labor slowly with lots of notice and now I'm beginning to wonder if it's gonna come out of nowhere like a runaway train.

All that said I'm feeling surprisingly calm and content. I have yet to reach that point where I feel done and just want to have the baby. I've been lucky to have a pretty comfortable pregnancy and while it will be nice to touch my toes again I do love being pregnant. So every day I wake up wondering if this will be the day that I am over being pregnant. I'm pretty sure that is a necessary point to arrive at in order to mentally prepare for labor. Hmmmm....

The great amassing of resources continues here as we are focusing on covering our needs so we will be set when the baby arrives. A few days ago we took a trip to Costco and stocked up on our pantry provisions, chicken broth, canned beans, etc. I now have everything I need to make a soup on the fly which is a good feeling. Scott stopped by Trader Joe's and stocked up on dried nuts and mineral water. I feel like squirrels stashing our booty for the winter.

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