Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bigger & Bigger

Swimming is about the only thing that makes me comfortable now. When i am not in the water I am dreaming about it. Coming out of the pool and realizing anew all the pressure in my pelvis is so humbling and challenging.

I am growing increasingly excited to meet this little one, so curious to get to know her. Will she look like Cora? Will they have a similar disposition or be complete opposites? Will she, god willing, be a better sleeper? It is so exciting to be on the verge of meeting a brand new person who is going to transform us into a family of four. The waiting is tough but soon enough she will make her appearance, perhaps even on my birthday which is this coming weekend.

Cora loves pasta, staying true to her Italian heritage. I better get that girl wearing some wooden shoes soon to balance it out.

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