Tuesday, September 20, 2011

39 weeks

Two days to go until my "official" due date. It is hard to imagine that my body could be like this until October! Cora was two weeks overdue so we will see when this baby decides it is time to appear. It is definitely making me anxious about delivery especially since I am pretty sure this baby is bigger than Cora was. I really don't want to give birth to an 8-10 pounder if it can be avoided. Cora was 6lb 15ounces which was pretty small for two weeks overdue but there has been more ice cream involved in this pregnancy so I am pretty sure this baby will be more then 7 pounds.

My mom is arriving on Thursday and I am excited to spend time with her and have an extra set of hands around the house. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish some of my last minute nesting projects and get some extra naps in!

In other news, hello Downtown Abbey and where have you been all my life? Streaming netflix is pretty fantastic, then I read an article online about this Masterpiece Theater series. I watched the first episode today and it's like a drug. I am going to have to pace myself since there are only seven episodes available right now. One of the main characters is even named Cora, it makes me so very happy to hear her name over and over.

I haven't done a belly shot in far too long, so here we go. There is a lot of baby in there! I officially can no longer put socks on which is sad because the weather has shifted to fall and I am longing for my wool socks.  Also, thank god for pedicures, the ultimate gift to a pregnant lady. Oh and please ignore the dirty mirror, it is seriously low on my priority list these days.

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  1. My midwife says your body won't grow a baby that your body can't birth. You'll be just fine. Your little girl is healthy and strong in there. I am already having trouble scooping socks out of the washing machine because my belly is in the way. Think I can get out of laundry all together? Another great British Netflix streaming option? Sherlock--a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Only 3 90 min episodes right now, but they are making 3 more! We loved it.