Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rounding another corner

I have survived 5 days of Influenza B while pregnant. I have no idea how I got it, most likely a client who did not even know they were sick yet. I am a pretty tough woman but this one brought me down hard. There was sobbing, there was talk of Emergency Rooms and lots of very labored breathing and horrible hacking coughing. There was fever induced panic that the baby growing within me was suffering from the fever and constant racking cough. Now, a few days after all of this I am 13 pounds lighter,  have a nagging cough that is much tamer then it's been and a voice that sounds like Tom Waits.

Throughout the illness my mantra was "please don't let Cora get this". Scott took several days off of work and cared for Cora 24/7 while I was quarantined in our bedroom. She's been a bit fussy today, with a small fever but I hope it is only her teething that is causing that. I keep holding my breath and hoping, hoping her tiny body does not have to suffer through the hell I went through. So far Scott has been healthy, thank god, so perhaps the rest of my little family will skate through this with no harm.

Once I was able to stand upright I went to my doctor and heard the baby's heart beat. So solid and strong, such a great assurance that he/she is ok. Speaking of gender, our appointment to unmask the mystery is this Thursday. While I want to know the sex of the baby I am mourning this period of the unknown. Like all of this pregnancy it will be over so much faster then I am prepared for, all the wondering and guessing wrapped up in a simple knowing. Almost every single person in my life believes this baby is a boy. I have given up on guessing since I was so completely wrong with Cora, so we shall see. I have had a few dreams that this baby is a girl but I know better then to put stock in that. Normally I am highly intuitive but when it comes to the baby I am growing I can't tell...too close to the issue as my mother would say.

This last week my grandfather had a health scare that placed him in the hospital for a few days. I felt the vast geographic distance pressing upon me with great tension during his entire ordeal. My family was an amazing lightning rod of information via phone and text message and I am left appreciating how quickly we came together for each other and for him. Blessedly he is home and comfortable now and we are all so lucky to still have him.

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