Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midwives First Home Visit

As the due date rapidly approaches we had our first home visit from the midwives. They arrived to familiarize themselves with the surroundings figuring out how to get here so when they get "the call" there is no fumbling to find our house. We are picking up the inflatable birthing tub next week and will have that here and ready to go. We are scrambling around amassing all the supplies that are recommended to have on hand for a home birth. Very exciting times! It's hard to believe we are only a few weeks (17 days) away from the due date.

Here's my doctor/midwife Sarah measuring the baby. I am so happy she will be delivering our daughter. Sara was the doctor who finally put the last piece of the puzzle in place that helped solve our fertility struggle. I trust her deeply and am comforted to know she will be here with us. In fact the next time she will be in our house we will be having the baby!!!

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  1. Love this pic! So excited for you two! Jackson says hi Auntie Crystal, you look marvelous! :)