Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Baby Yet

But I made it out to a show last night. My fear of swine flu and other illnesses kept me at home for much of this pregnancy. One thing I've been missing horribly is live music. When I saw that one of my favorite bands (The Akron Family) was playing a free show last night it seemed overdue.

I wasn't sure how it would feel going to a music venue to stand in a sweaty horde of fans while almost 10months pregnant. Luckily I secured a great spot standing on a riser next to the mixer. It offered a great view over the crowd and a protected shelter so I wasn't bumped too much. Kate was with me and we had a great time listening to the show. The Akron Family played last at which point I had been standing for 2 1/2 hours and was beginning to feel really stiff and achy in my hips. I made it through most of their set before Kate and I both were wilting from the heat. I tripped out of the club dizzy with happiness and the sounds of great music trailing behind me. And I was home by 10:30! A perfect night and much needed. Since it was an all ages show there were many parents there with their kiddos which reminded me of how exciting it will be to take our daughter out to see music, that will be a great day.

RJ (my youngest brother) is in town for the weekend and Scott is in the kitchen cooking up an exciting biscuits & gravy brunch for all of us. So far it's been a brilliant weekend! I have slept really well the last few nights and my spirits are high. The baby room is coming along really well and I'm getting ready to organize all the baby clothes. We were in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner to keep up with all the pet hair and Scott found a great one at thrift store for $20. It works fantastic and just in time for my nesting to kick in:)

I am officially done working for the remainder of the pregnancy which is a relief. I am proud of how long I was able to continue to massage during this pregnancy. I have such a physically demanding line of work and my approach was to stay focused on listening to my body and receiving lots of massage & chiropractic and occasional acupuncture which helped me to stay pain free. There was even a bout of pretty serious carpal tunnel that I was able to work through thanks to the help I received. Now here I am at the end of that journey and I never would have guessed that I would work up until 2 weeks before the due date. Feeling pretty good about that :)

Thanks for all the great phone calls/emails/comments. We are feeling the love big time and excited to share the news with everyone when she finally decides to arrive.

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