Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Unglamorous Side of Pregnancy

Disclaimer: You may want to avoid this post if you are squeamish.

There are moments of pregnancy where I am sure I must "glow". Moments when my skin is healthy looking, my hair lustrous and my outfit spot on. I know they exist, but days like this they seem far and few between.

For me, a great deal of pregnancy is spent looking like I have been abused. My poor husband suffers the looks of concern when people notice the horrible bruising on my arms. The bruising is a result of the blood thinners I have to take which make me very prone to bruising combined with the gestational diabetes. Because I am a massage therapist I can not check my blood sugar 3x day on my fingertips without having to wear gloves every day that I work. As a result I check on my upper forearm and this leaves me with horrible bruises that conveniently look like thumb prints.

The other lovely side effect, especially with this pregnancy is the projectile vomiting. I had hoped this would pass with the first trimester but I haven't been so lucky. I am supposed to be taking quality prenatal vitamins to increase my health and the health of the baby. 5 month in and I still vomit every time I take the required dose. It does not matter if I have done everything right, eaten properly and taken them at the right time. 20 minutes later I will puke harder then I ever remember puking. Last time this happened Cora was with me at my office and she sobbed while I heaved in the trash, coming up for air to tell her it's okay. Today I was on the phone booking appointments to view birth centers when I felt the first turn of my stomach. 10 minute of denial later I was puking into the garbage can in the kitchen. Luckily this time Cora did not cry, instead stood there resting her head against my leg.  Apparently she is getting used to this.

Back to that glowing skin concept.  I spent the first trimester looking like a 13 year old with the associated acne problems. I was just thinking yesterday how nice it was that my skin was finally clear, but the vomiting fixed that for me. Behold all of the broken blood vessels in my face.

Looks like some pretty fantastic freckles huh?

We as a culture spend lots of time talking about the lovely moments of pregnancy but I feel it's equally important to acknowledge the physical toll we mamas endure. There are so many beautiful moments and then these physical challenges to balance it out.  It helps me appreciate the easy moments

I of course have a full work day today so I will be reaching for the makeup and hoping the pressure in my eyes goes down enough so I can drive safely. It's amazing what we will do for these little people we hope to meet.

A happier moment, yesterday at 20 weeks. Look how great my skin was. LOL


  1. Oh Crystal - that sounds so awful!!! I hope things will get better soon. You looked fabulous - yesterday at least. Yes, all the things we go through to have babies. I never knew the extent of it..before Loretta.
    Your bit about Cora trying to comfort you is sweet. At least it isn't scaring her as much.

    I know you still have a ways to go, but keep remembering that you're going through all of this to meet another little girl who is just as amazing as Cora.
    The Calanca Family is on my mind - and I'm hoping for you to get some relief soon! Don't work yourself too hard, take care and rest when you can.

  2. Oh Lily, you are so sweet! I can not wait to meet this little person, and I am sure it will all seems worth it. Kiss Loretta for me.