Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Center of the Home

I heard a quote from Dr. Christiane Northrup, I can not remember the exact wording but the basic idea is that the mother is the center,  grounding rod of the family and all its energy, that all children and activity swirl around her. She said that if you wanted proof of this phenomenon you need only to be a mom attempting to take a quiet bath. This quote came back to me yesterday. I was taking a quick morning shower while Cora stood next to the tub and chatted with me. When I finished I threw back the curtain to see my kiddo, as well as both dogs and one of our cats (the other was outside) all standing in a row giving me a look of absolute expectation. I grabbed my towel, laughing out loud and wishing I had my camera. I guess the rule extends to all dependents, include our animals.

The sun finally came out and blessed us the other day. We had a brief few days to enjoy it and we soaked it up because, alas, the rains are back. We are still adjusting to the new house, working on childproofing, figuring out where all the little things will go and looking forward to summer days here. The front deck has been secured so Cora likes to play out there with us.

We missed all the Easter egg hunts due to my flu. I was sad to have missed it for many reasons one being this great dress I found for her at a thrift store. Disaster was averted when I discovered a May Day Festival here in town. We met up with some other families and enjoyed a group of adorable kindergartners dancing around a May pole. These kindergartners are part of the May Pole team at their school. How awesome is that? A May Pole Team!  It must be motherhood or perhaps pregnancy hormones but that sweet ceremony brought tears to my eyes. That and this amazing girl who I get to spend every day with.

She is in such a wonderful phase, talking more and more every day and become very independent. We can spend the better part of an hour with her as she practices walking up a step over and over. Often at the playground the most exciting moment for her is walking up the steps. We just got her a simple shape sorter toy which she is obsessed with, having hit that milestone where sorting and placing things inside of other things blows her mind. I can not wait to see what is next.

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