Sunday, March 14, 2010

With Scott's help I managed to make it to the gym yesterday for the first time in a very, very long time. It was a quick hour, in and out and showering at home and it was heaven. It feels great to focus on my body without the big belly and shortness of breath of pregnancy. I have a gym membership to a small local owned gym and really love it there. Yesterday I discovered their small day care which has incredibly reasonable rates and accepts infants. This is great news so Cora and I will be visiting the gym together starting next week.

Today we are taking Cora to her first movie. There is a theater here in Portland that has baby friendly matinees and I am very excited to go today. We will be seeing the latest Wes Anderson movie the Fabulous Mister Fox. This is a fitting first choice for Cora since Scott and I have a history of bonding over his films.

I am consistently amazed by how exhausted I look these days:

Cora is getting stronger every day, hardly resembling the tiny baby of four weeks ago. She is holding up her head most of the time, is smiling at everyone and working hard at controlling her arm movements. She is sleeping a bit better every day which is really, really great. I am managing to get more sleep then I thought I would at this point, even if it is broken up into 2-4 hour chunks.

Here is Cora visiting with Grandam Shannon

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