Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Routine, what is it good for?

Over the last few weeks Cora & I seemed to fall into a pretty set routine sleeping well at night and waking early. Imagine my surprise when she broke from our comfy routine the last few nights by waking in the middle of the night and wanting to party. Here we go, the dance of the Aquarian & Virgo. I know she is in our lives for many reasons, one of which is to challenge our double Virgo (yes, Scott & I are both Virgos) addiction to routine with her lovely air energy. It's hard to see the value in that at 2am when I just want to put my boobs away, roll over and go to sleep.

After a few hours of sleep this morning I woke up stressed that we had been up late and that most of the morning was gone. It's a gorgeously sunny morning here and I wanted to get a jump on it. Funny thing is as soon as I let go of the notion of a set routine everything immediately felt better. Who cares if we are still in bed at 10:30? She is only 5 weeks old and I've got lots of time to try to sell her on the benefits of routine:) I keep reminding myself she is only this small once and I am lucky to have the time to be this flexible so I try to stop stressing and enjoy it.

Cora in the morning from Crystal Calanca on Vimeo.


  1. OH MY! Holy wicked cuteness! It's killing me not to squeeze her! I want to lay her and Jackson next to each other and be overwhelmed by the insane adorableness that unfolds.

  2. The routine will come and there will be days when wish you could throw it out the window but the baby won't let you.
    Welcome to the life of a parent! it rocks and it can suck all at once but I personally would not trade it for anything.