Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day out of the house

We broke out of the house as a family today which felt incredible. Scott has been working 6 day weeks for the last three weeks so we were overdue for some time just the three of us. We had tickets to a uniquely Portland function, a rock concert for parents that was kid friendly. We've been excited for this outing for a few weeks and a few reasons, primarily I love the band (Blitzen Trapper), we would be seeing some friends, and we could drink beers with said friends while they met Cora and we heard some great music.

Away we went running late of course, because who doesn't run late when they have a new baby. Diaper bag fully packed and two different sling options in the car we finally arrived. After we found our friends we hunkered down on the floor with them and took in the show. It was so awesome to see an inspirational band and a room full of adults and children dancing and laughing together. I can't wait to go again, which we will since it is a monthly series.

Scott took a few photos of me and Cora since I've noticed I am normally behind the lens. Cora did great, she really liked the music and the interesting sun shaped lights they had on the ceiling. It must be working that we play our music around her because she was completely unfazed by the band. Afterward we met up with our friends at a restaurant and Cora was great the entire time, we never even needed the slings. It feels like such a relief to get off the couch, or away from the same neighborhood we walk in every day and have a little fun.

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  1. You look fantastic mama!!! Nice to see more pics of you. Keep 'em coming!

    PS So nice you have so much kid friendly stuff in Portland. Lucky ducks!