Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home from work. Check
Caught up on all of my insurance billing. Check
Banking is done. Check
A precious hour to myself to nap. Check

I am settling into the couch with my comfy new blanket that G&G (grandma and grandpa Dihel) sent me. Rare are the moments where all my obligations are met and I have this moment to nap. I am just tired enough that I know it's gonna be great, and that very soon naps will be hard to come by in these parts. I am so excited for this nap I can taste it. Just as I'm beginning to drift off in my little row boat of sleep it starts.....

I thought I was safe this time, she is supposed to be out of town at the beach. The driving techno beat starts rising first and I plead with the divine "please no, let me be imagining that sound". No such luck as the song really starts and my down stairs neighbor kicks into karaoke gear. I have known people and lived with people before who enjoy singing. A song will move them and before they know it they are singing along. This. is. nothing. like. that. This my dear reader is a non stop 3-4 hour karaoke session which I have a front row ticket for 3-5 times a week. I am not exaggerating. Hours at a time the singing goes on and on. Rarely do I recognize the music being played, although it is reminiscent of the music spilling out of teenage clothing stores at the mall. Heavy beats, synthetic vocals and lots of hard to reach notes. Hard to reach, as in the average person should not try it. Certainly not for 3 hours straight!!!!

Perhaps it's the pregnancy, perhaps it's the fact that I've been dealing with this for months and my patience is wearing oh so very thin. I've tried talking to her, letting her know that we can hear everything. That didn't work, she must like the idea of performing. We have tried blocking all the vents with pillows and blankets which helps marginally but now it's winter and we can't keep that up without damaging the furnace. We've tried drowning her out with our stereo but I just don't have her tolerance for hours of very loud music. Lately we've resorted to running away, fleeing the scene which I will be doing as soon as I finish typing this. Leaving the house due to the annoyance only adds to our frustration. Hmmmm......

My only thought here is that the karma will even out when we have a crying baby. Scott and I might go out of our way to be noise considerate but our daughter will be another entity all together. Hopefully it will help to balance the dynamic.

What would really help is buying our own house. If any of you have great tips for us on how to start that process let me know. We are clueless although quickly becoming motivated.

So long nap, you were a beautiful concept. I'm going to return some library books now.


  1. Heya,
    I'm loving the photos and news, though the description of the neighbor's catterwalling is so detailed I can almost share the agony with you! Not so sure I want to share in that with you, though the chance to see and share the pregnancy and baby prep is much appreciated!

    Love ya' and keep it up!

    Heather in Missoula

  2. As a person in the process of trying to buy a house, the spot to start is with a mortgage broker. Talk to a couple. Call up local real estate agents and ask them who they use. Not all brokers deal in the same mortgages so shopping around helps. If you can put down 20% that makes life a lot simpler, but if you have less there is options. Ask about FHA loans. FHA loans are for first time home buyers and the down payment is 3.5 percent. They are backed by the government so you don't pay as much insurance on the difference in down payment.

    The other thing I know is to inspect the SHIT out of the house. The minimum, to me,is a general inspection and a sewer line inspection. It'll cost ya( $300+ for the general inspection and about $150 for the sewer line), but it's worth it on the back end. You don't even want to know how much it costs to replace 30' of main line from the house to the city sewer line.

    And to think I was once your noisy neighbor!