Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello From 34 Weeks!

Oh Baby! I can't believe there are six more weeks of growing left to do! She is doing great, moving quite a bit now which is a huge comfort. We can finally feel what is definitively a foot, or elbow moving around, versus a rolling baby. This gets more exciting every day.

So far I am still working quite a bit and feeling well about it. This week I've had some elevated blood pressure and have been told by the doctor to slow down. The trouble is that I don't really feel like slowing down, quite the opposite in fact. I know that any day now I will become very tired and moving around a lot will be uncomfortable. Until that moment I'm happy being busy.

I finished my home made Christmas gifts today and thanks to Scott they are off in the mail. Like most presents I ship they will most likely not make it there in time but oh well. It's the thought that counts.

The baby shower was great fun although not many pictures were taken. I will do my best to pull some together and write a bit about it, it was a great day. For now I've got a date with a movie, my hubby and the couch.

(Heather, if you are reading this call me!!!)

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