Friday, June 17, 2011

Prepping For Number Two

I know I have said it before but it finally feels like this is really happening, that this pregnancy isn't some abstract experiment. Lists are being created, nesting is happening people! The advantage to a second baby is that most of the baby gear bases are covered, especially when new baby is the same gender as number one thereby allowing a reuse of all clothing. Regardless of the overlap I have a small and tightly selected list of pieces we will be adding to make life easier with two. Another advantage to a second swing at parenthood is we have a solid idea of what works for us and what doesn't so it is easier to wade through all the gimmicky items and know exactly what we need. Here is my condensed list so far:

  • A rocking bassinet stand for our moses basket. My mother in law scored us a beautiful basket when we were expecting Cora.  I am sewing a new organic cotton liner for it this time around. This stand allows us to use it as a bassinet and easily move baby around the house. With Cora we used the pack and play more but our new apartment is smaller and I think this will work much better for the first few months.

  • Photo credit: wee textile blog, amazing, you should check it out!
  • Ikea Minnen bed for Cora. We have managed to buy one of these in fantastic used condition from Craigslist but need to replace the mattress with something nicer. I scored a new down comforter for her at Target on clearance for $8 (!!!!) and am sewing her fitted sheets and a comforter cover this week.

Photo credit: I am still trying to find my original link. If any of you recognize this let me know.  This photo has been the inspiration behind the girl's room here at our new place. I used this same paint color as well, it's Benjamin Moore Robin's Nest

  • Baby swing, something small and simple. My fantastic sister in law bought us one for Cora and we used it so much the motor burned out. I will be scouring used children's stores for one.

  • A 22" flatscreen tv for our bedroom. I have never thought it a good idea to have a television in the bedroom since it interrupts sleep habits, however, a temporary placement of one will be a godsend through the first few sleepless months. I also think it will buy me a few more minutes in the mornings when Cora can snuggle up with me and a nursing baby and watch sesame street. I am thinking this will be another Craigslist acquisition or perhaps Target with a coupon.

  • A few pieces of Organic layette clothing, I loved these long sleepers with the open bottom. I am a big fan of Kate Quinn, Kickypants and Hannah Anderson organic cotton. We will be in Seattle next weekend and are going to check out the Kate Quinn outlet store and there is a Hannah Anderson outlet here as well, the hope is to score some of these pieces at a decent discount. I have also been checking our used children's stores but so far am only finding pieces for 6 months and up.

  • 2 new nursing bras. Pretty self explanatory and an absolute necessity.

  • 2-3 of these amazing Gap nursing tops. I nursed Cora without owning even one official nursing shirt. While is is completely possible, I sure would like to have something designed for the job.

  • And the cherry on top. The one item I am most hoping for on this entire list, the item that we are saving and saving for. The Phil & Ted explorer stroller with second seat. Let me say this, I underestimated the need for a great stroller with Cora. We got by for awhile with a really nice umbrella style stroller but a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant again we upgraded to a Joovy Zoom and life has been so much easier. The only problem is the Joovy doesn't fit two kids. So copious research and "test drives" later and I am sold on this model. It even has a car seat adapter so I can pop the infant car seat onto it while Cora rides comfortably in the lower  seat. I still can not believe that strollers can cost so much but with the amount of jogging, walking and urban navigating (trains, buses, crowded sidewalks) we do it is a necessity.

Photo credit:

There you have it, a second time mom's wish list. I am also working on a whole new cloth diapering system but this time around I am sewing them from scratch. I completed the very first diaper cover yesterday and even though it turned out way too big for Cora, I am shocked and excited that it actually looks like a functional diaper cover (complete with waterproof layer). So far the experiment is going well and I will be making more in even smaller sizes for the new baby as well.

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