Thursday, August 19, 2010

You And I And A Flame Makes Three

Tonight was another long work day for both Scott and myself. Standing in the kitchen trying to dream up dinner it was pretty obvious it was going to be mostly leftovers.

Cora has been slowly eating solids over the past few weeks. It's been a slow start but last night she decided she was all in favor of filling up her belly. She started crying and crying which is so rare for her. After cycling through all the possible reasons she could be upset I thought I would try feeding her a bit more. As I pulled her food container out of the fridge she started shrieking with joy and lunged for it trying to fit the whole thing in her mouth. Fifteen minutes later I had a very happy very full baby.

Which brings me round to dinner tonight. All the foods that Cora has eaten so far I had prepared in one big batch, freezing extra and thawing it as needed. After her big hunger last night I was suddenly out of the prepped food. Standing in the kitchen tonight was the first time I made dinner for the three of us together. It was such a simple thing, yet such a beautiful and sweet moment. To stand in my kitchen, hand on my hip as I've done a thousand times before brainstorming what to make us.  Only now there are three of us and this whole new person to consider, and a change in the routine I have always moved through.

It was a moment I've been waiting for ever since Cora was born, a moment when the tension and fear inside me uncoiled and relaxed.

It is all ok

she is here

she is healthy

and happy and thriving...

and she loves sweet potatoes.


  1. There are so many reasons why you are one of my favorite people, Cryz. I love how you can grasp a moment like this and make it wonderful. You are the greatest. As always, I miss and love the part of my family whose last names are Calanca! We need to make it to Portland soon. Give your beautiful daughter and awesome husband a squeeze for me.

  2. From your IL mom
    I love this video of Cora rolling and crawling. It makes me want to go do some Yoga. How did you do it? Eating together can be so bonding. I'm so glad you take the time to share these moments with all of us. Love you all.

  3. So cute! I love the bit about her shrieking with excitement about the food!