Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Nice Break

In the middle of this hectic, amazing, circus of parenting, Scott got a "surprise" week off of work. Normally this would be terribly stressful but instead it feels like a last minute vacation.

Cora has been struggling with a double ear infection. The nights have been very difficult, meaning Scott and I are getting really broken sleep and Cora is suffering the worst. Harlow and I are still battling thrush so I've been balancing my days between applying echinacea, probiotic, ear drops, Acetomenophen, and other remedies. It's been challenging so having Scott here is fantastic. Four hands makes the work go much faster.

We also are managing to squeeze in some fun. Yesterday we took the girls on a lovely autumn hike around Sauvie Island just outside of Portland. I took a few snapshots with the iPhone. It was such a good day. It felt so very right to be out as a family of four, watching Cora play in the leaves, cuddling Harlow close as she slept.

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