Saturday, October 1, 2011

After a week of falling in love and soul searching,
 may I introduce you to:

Harlow Gloria Calanca

One week ago at this moment we were two hours away from meeting her. One week ago Cora had just left to go to the zoo with family. One week ago at this moment my midwife was sternly telling me to get into the water because I was in transition which had me horribly confused, I could not believe that Cora had just left and it was almost time for me to push. I am making my way around to writing both the girl's birth stories but suffice it to say, Harlow's was just about the exact opposite of Cora's. Standing on the other side of these births I feel like I have experienced much of both ends of the birth spectrum. What a wild ride it has been.

Harlow's middle name is her great-grandmother Gloria's name (Scott's grandmother). Both of our girls are lovingly named after great-grandmothers which feels so very right to us. They will always be blessed with their love and protection.

Now I am going to cuddle this little pumpkin and go have a cup of coffee with my family on a lovely Saturday morning.


  1. So sweet Crystal! I love her. Have so much fun in this beginning love fest. xoxo

  2. So wonderful! I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well and cuddling up. What a beautiful name! I'm sure she'll be a bombshell like Jean Harlow ;) Loretta's middle name is Martha - named after my grandmother. It was sort of spontaneous and we're so glad that we did it. It's magical how names come together - and I admire yours and Scott's patience to search for the right name ~after~ getting to know her.