Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hold onto your hats, it's Pickathon!

 This is the Main stage, I could not get over the architectural beauty of the sun covers.

This is our sixth summer here in Oregon and the first time we managed to make it to the Pickathon Music Festival just outside of Portland. Many years have been spent pining over it and not being able to attend for one reason or another. This year we threw all the excuses aside and bought tickets, not for the entire weekend but for Sunday which seemed like a good way to dip our toes in.

Scott and I were both a bit nervous packing Cora up and heading out there. Sure the weather was lovely but this heat can be a bit much for a toddler and a very pregnant mama. It didn't help that the last time we attended a music festival I dropped from heat stroke and we left feeling very old and incapable of handling the rigors of summer festival going, and that was before kids.

Pickathon, however, rolled out the welcome mat, warmed our souls and soothed any fears that we could not enjoy ourselves. I have never had the pleasure of attending such a well organized, beautiful and family friendly music event.  The shade was plentiful, the water was free, the music amazing and the setting on Pendarvis farm simply stunning. Everyone was so friendly and there were lots of families in attendance. We ran into many people we know (from Portland and Montana) and I kept looking around me and thinking "here they are, this is my tribe". The sheer volume of lovely summer dresses paired with cowboy boots was enough to keep me people watching all day. The organizers of the event also made sure there was a constantly open area designated for children which had a rotation of circus activities, flint knapping, hula hooping, and jewelry making. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Oh yeah, and the kids area is visible from the beer garden. Did I mention how brilliant it was?

So we spent a lovely Sunday catching up with friends who were in town for the festival and wandering between stages absorbing fantastic music. And the food, it was stunning. We are definitely going back next year, with two kiddos in tow. Pickathon has turned us back into festival goers.

More of the main stage, lovely blue sky and shade.

Cora and daddy wandering off into the crowd for some dancing.

Cora just waking up from her nap in the stroller.

Sun Covers in the children's area.

My tired, puffy pregnant feet happily covered in dirt, straw and dry grass.

Our sweet pea with a perma-smile, listening to music and climbing on everything.

I know, I took lots of photos of these, but seriously, the modern pop of color against the aging barns and green trees? Gorgeous.

Circling the spring horse.

...and, she's off!

Big time smiles.

At the end of the day this felt like some of the most fun we have had as a family. It is deeply satisfying to get Cora out into a setting where she thrives and we enjoy adult time. There is nothing quite like the deep contentment of driving home after a day spent together like this, warmed by the sun and hearts full of good memories. Someday we will be able to tell both of the girls that they were there.


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  1. Love...
    beyond excited to be with you and your growing family...
    and hopefully join you at this fest next year!
    9 days :)