Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cardigans and wool socks

It's the end of summer....At first I mourned the loss along with out tomato crop but I've come around. Now I am excited for fall. The weather is turning, the chickens are blissed out scratching through the fallen leaves. I am reaching for cardigans and wool socks are just around the corner.

We have some good friends coming to visit in December so we are preparing for them with much excitement. Favorite seasonal recipes are being compiled as well as a to do list of our favorite activities including an escape to the coast to watch the winter storms.

It's been such a fantastic and busy summer it is hard to catch up with all of the photos.

Here's a few from our last trip to the coast with Cora. We had a sweet little cabin and I finally saw my first ocean sunset and my first grey whale and Scott tried his hand at deep sea fishing.

Our cabin was just outside of Long Beach, Wa. We spent an afternoon combing through town and stumbled on this great little museum full of vintage vending games and two headed calves.

We also blasted through our birthday season. Scott's birthday is 10 days before mine. We were of course exhausted but it was so much sweeter to have Cora here to celebrate with us.

Scott requested banana cream pie so I attempted my first ever. It turned out soooooo good!
The best birthday present was learning that my grandfather was out of the hospital and feeling healthy. We can't wait to see him at Thanksgiving. Cora is named after his mother and the thought of her not getting to meet him was crushing me. We are very lucky to have him and it will be so special spending the holiday with him and my parents.

I managed to change out of yoga pants for and evening birthday dinner. It feels so nice to get dressed up once in awhile.

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  1. oh I know what you mean about getting changed out of your yoga pants and dressed up. one day i took off my bandana and fixed my hair up - when Stephen came home from work - he was shocked to see 'me' again! lol