Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very Tired But Very Good

Look, no braces! I've got them off temporarily for the wedding. I have to have them put back on in two weeks. booo!

Super tired over here, working our buts off trying to get everything ready before we leave for Ben & Amy's wedding on Monday. Trying to finish planting the garden that the massive rains destroyed, catch up on laundry, flea treat the dogs, stock up on chicken feed, arrange animal care, clean the house, make packing lists, etc. And of course we are both working lots this week while trying to accomplish everything else.

I've been tired/distracted enough that I left my car keys in my car door, parked next to a busy Max(public train) station for an entire day while I was gone on said train taking Cora to the zoo. Riding home on the train I was convinced I lost my keys at the zoo. After being picked up by Scott and placing calls to the lost and found at the zoo and the public transit authority it occured to me that the last place I saw them was when I was getting Cora out of the car. A mad, stomach churning race down to the car showed that the world is indeed full of many good people, that and I was very lucky. Keys were dangling in the lock of the drivers side door, facing the street. Wow.

Hammock Time!!!!! This was a rare break in the weather

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