Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeah for more photos!!!!

Funny little week around here, Cora has outgrown the need to be swaddled while sleeping. Now she lays next to me at night flailing her arms and making funny little grumpy sounds. Funny except it keeps me awake so I'm feeling pretty darn tired. I hope it will only take a few more nights for her to get used to the feeling of her arms so we can get a bit more sleep. It must be beyond strange getting used to the sensation of gravity after being weightlessly suspended for your entire existence.

Here we are having a nice mid-morning cuddle

Someday I wont have braces on..sigh...

She looks so big close up

and so tiny from far away!

Bath time in her neat little tub. We don't have a bath tub and our kitchen sink is tiny so this has been a life saver.

Watching the Trailblazers (Portland's basketball team) with daddy, I like their profile shadows on the wall behind them

Hanging out in the pack and play in the dining room. She has just gained enough weight that she can wear her baby legs which are basically baby legwarmers.

Last weekend we left town and stumbled on a little renaissance festival at an old masonic lodge. We took a few random photos that day. It was Cora's first full day out of the house with us and she did great.

More baby legs!!! It's a whole new world of baby accessory! They really are great, they keep her legs warm and I don't have to take off any pants to change her diaper.

Mama baby time from our "command center" on the couch. That's the nickname I've given the spot where I sit with her and can reach everything essential to our, cell phone, medicines, binky, breast pump, bouncy chair, mixed nuts, water, baby books, magazines, multi-vitamins etc. The command center indeed!


  1. guys are beautiful! we need some bonding time pronto!

  2. You probably know this already, but those baby leg warmers will come in handy when she starts crawling. They make it easier because her legs won't move around in them like pant legs. I don't know if that makes sense, but now that my niece is crawling she wears them all the time.

    These are such adorable photos! She is beyond cute! As are you! :)