Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Months Old!

We have made it through the first two months and life here is returning to a steady rhythm. I am back at work part-time and looking forward to gradually increasing my work load. Cora is thriving, growing stronger and more social every day. Scott has been working 6 days a week ever since he returned to work so Sunday's have become even more sacred as of late.

I returned to work last week only to catch a heck of a respiratory infection which put me under for several days and forced me to cancel lots of clients. A serious bummer all the way around, the only good part is that Cora and Scott did not get sick. In fact Scott took a few days off work to help me with the baby and the two of them had some solid bonding time. It was nice to float up from the depths of my fever to see them running around together. Here are a few photos Scott took of Cora while I was out of commission.

This is Cora's "declaring" arm. She is fond of tossing it up in the air and announcing her thoughts about any given situation.

Cora at One Month

Cora at Two Months

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