Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I brought the laptop in to the office today, a change of scenery is good for the occasional blogging. Had a prenatal appointment yesterday and we have reached the much celebrated 30 week mark! It also seems that the baby has, for the time being at least, turned so she is head down. Good job baby, keep it up!

So the whole cruising through the pregnancy without much discomfort has come to an end. Last week was really difficult. I am now getting one painful contraction a night between 3 and 4 am. Painful enough that I wake up out of breath and trying not to yell out which would wake Scott up. The doctor assures me this is no cause for alarm and to drink more water and up my magnesium intake. I am glad it is "normal" but am starting to dread falling asleep. My doctor also mentioned that 3-4am may be the time of day I eventually go into labor. Hmmmm.....time will tell.

Work is becoming a challenge. Along with the new contractions I am developing carpal tunnel symptoms in both wrists. I have known this might happen and have been guarding against it. A common side effect of pregnancy to begin with and the type of work I do combined to make it almost inevitable. I am working with my Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and occasionally my Acupuncturist to manage it. So far so good, even though it's uncomfortable it hasn't been painful enough to stop working.

That is good news because I am loving working. Loving it more then any work I've ever done and delighting in watching my hard work pay off as my client list steadily expands every week. I find myself starting to feel anxious when I think about my maternity leave. I know it's illogical but I worry that all of my clients will disappear during that time and that I will start from scratch all over again with the marketing and hoping. I know this isn't the case, my clients are wonderful and have all been informed well in advance of my maternity leave. Still, the control freak in me will have a hard time stepping away for awhile just when it's getting good.

The sun is out today for a change, as the winter drizzle has descended in full force. It's lovely to look out the window and have my sensitive eyes blinded by the yellow. My thoughts are turning ahead to Thanksgiving. Our plan to drive to Montana to be with my parent's has fallen through. The idea of a 10-12 hour drive at this point in my pregnancy is just too much. Of course I was excited to spend the holiday with family and to bake a bunch of pies with my mom. Instead we will be here quietly celebrating. It feels like a theme in this pregnancy....hibernation. Much of our time has been spent close to home working hard on our careers and nesting like crazy. Scott's entire family will have never seen me pregnant in person, only through the photos we share. My parent's were here in the very beginning when I was just beginning to show. It is strange to go through such life change far from our extended families. I feel it now more then ever, the distance and the love covering that distance.

The baby shower plans are moving ahead and I've now entered the phase where I have invited people and am afraid no one will show up. I can't believe how worked up I can get over these things. The paper invitations are delayed in arrival so I sent a Facebook invitation to the people I can reach that way. So far only two people have responded. Is that the way it goes with digital invitations, they just aren't taken as seriously as paper ones? Time will tell I suppose, the paper ones will be mailed out next week. They are adorable, I am looking forward to adding one to the babies scrapbook....and I may or may not already have the birth announcement design picked out. I geek out when it comes to design and layout.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope it is filled with many blessings, good food and people you love.

Thanks for all the comments you guys. And Rois, glad you are still out there. I feel like a total jerk for dropping the ball on your offer to share a bead with me. Just know that offer has always warmed my heart and thanks for the support, and the awesome blog!

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