Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Casey, my oldest brother is a band director in upstate New York. His marching band just won the state competition with a tribute to the Pearl Harbor bombing. Influenced by our grandfather's and youngest brother's service in the US Navy he wrote this moving tribute. Here is their performance at the state competition.


  1. That kicks ass. Made me think of my days playing the tuba... You'll have to tell your brother that he's my own, personal hero. I'd imagine the only thing better than being the bass in a large band (and let me tell you, there is no feeling I know that is better) is being in full control of the beast. What a beauty!

  2. Hey! That was awesome.My Hubby marched in a band and chores,we watched it together and he's reaction was No wonder they won,that was great!
    Good luck with Baby
    Rois and Chance
    Hrafinstaad HOmestead