Thursday, September 3, 2009


Back from vacation, back to work. What a long strange summer it has been. A storm woke me in the night and I said a prayer for all the green tomatoes waiting to ripen on the vine. My garden is normally rioting this time of the season, this year it's just the stately tomato. I was too sick early in the summer to plant so the garden is resting as I was resting. Come spring the chickens will help me to turn the soil and destroy the slugs!

I scored a beautiful sewing machine in Montana for $12. Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats Montana's thrift stores. Thrifting in the Big Sky is perhaps one of my most favorite activities. It was so peaceful to have a full week there with Scott. We have only been back there together once in the four years we've been gone, and that visit was for 2 days. The frantic energy was left behind on this trip and the days stretched before us in a lazy, lovely haze. Nothing to do but eat with friends, soak up the sun, and dream up baby names.

Now I'm home and Scott is in Chicago with family. No doubt he is enjoying the break from the complication I managed to bring home with us. All 95 pounds of her. Xena, not the warrior princess, the lovely black lab german shepard mix. Our friends were having to adopt her and she is missing her family complete with two young daughters. Xena is breaking my heart, sitting at the picture window here waiting for families with strollers to walk by. She becomes so animated and happy when the families pass by. We are intending to adopt her and I am fighting mightily with my love for her. I keep dreaming of her walking with the new baby and us. She is a gentle, gentle spirit...and our petting zoo is overflowing!!!!!

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