Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Relaxing Times

A few photos of life lately.

Jeff and Kate took me canoeing on the Willamette River. I sat in the middle of the canoe and did absolutely nothing. It was awesome. Although I do want to kayak eventually.

The Volvo loves this. It purrrrs with happiness whenever it is loaded down with gear.

Hanging out at home Jelly gets some quality time with Jeff and Kate.

...and beer

It's been almost a year since a horrible incident hiking in Forest Park with Iverson. I usually hike the dogs off leash when we are far in on a trail. I was with my friend Deanna and her two dogs which we had been hiking with all summer. Everything was going as normal when we encountered this old house. As I was pulling my camera out of the bag to take some photos Iverson decided it was a great idea to run up to the top floor and jump off it. I thought my dog was dead. He hit the ground with a sickening sound, stood up then blacked out. He was convulsing in my arms and bleeding from the mouth when he somehow came to just as I was finishing my makeshift sling to carry him out with. Several weeks of massage and physical therapy (I taught myself quickly how to adapt my massage training for dogs) ensued and now he seems like it never happened. Phewwww.... Considering the chaos of the day I never took photos of the moss covered half burned out house in the woods. I have found out that Portlandians call it the "Witch House"...I am a believer. Here are some photos of the house that I came across on the internet the other day.

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  1. Crystal - first time I've seen your car! I like it - it's really nice! Also, OMG - that house looks like something out of a fairy tale. No doubt Iverson was momentarily possessed. Wonder if any people have done that? Love,MOM.