Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hurrah it's the new year!

(Iverson, neighbor dog Jack, and Jelly hiking with me in the mountains where we found snow)

Goodbye 2007 hello 2008. Never before have I been so happy to say goodbye to a year. For all the wonderful moments of 2007 there was equally if not more struggle and personal change. In fact, looking back on '07 my impression is one of struggle. The intense personal growth manifested from this difficulty is in its own way very much welcomed and appreciated. I just wish the greater perspective was a bit easier to come by.

Along with the struggles of last year comes the excitement for this new one. Much of last year was spent "laying the groundwork" for our professional identities. It takes much work and patience to carve out a path of survival that is of nonconventional means. At times the corporate ladder looks comforting in its linear progression and then I snap out of it and remember the vision of my future. So here we are in 2008. I am testing for my certification in 2 weeks. I have rented an office in downtown Portland that is very affordable and very lovely (pictures to come soon). Scott is working in his chosen field and in a few short days reapplying to the electrician apprenticeship program. In the mean time he genuinely likes the company he is working for and our comprehensive health benefits kick in any day. Aside from being on the cusp of our chosen professions it is a huge relief just to have the energy we put into these areas flowing again, moving forward after feeling like it was blocked for so long.

2007 was also a year of coming to terms with the miscarriage and the new challenges of planning a family. This has been a rollercoaster revival in and of itself, one in which we are still sorting out. It was also a year of feeling far from home while attempting to open my heart and let it thaw to this lovely place we live. It is working and I am starting to think of it as home (only 2 years after we moved here!).

I've never been one for new years resolutions. In the spirit of looking forward to the possibilities of this year I am making not a resolution list, rather a list of intention. Areas in my life where I would like to bloom more fully. Areas where there is potential for growth. In this I hope to avoid the guilt that can come along with a "to do" list and kindly explore these areas to the best of my abilities.

~Learn to meditate and incorporate this on a daily bases in small, simple ways
~Do More Yoga plain and simple
~Blog more
~Write my own zine see link...
~Welcome a child into our lives (fingers crossed, your positive thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated)
~Become a better listener to my friends and loved ones
~Garden with a riotous beauty
~Establish a relationship with a local rancher who practices sustainable ethical ranching. Buy our meat from said rancher
~Bake more, in particular learn to make bread by hand
~Sew more clothes. I want to know where my clothes came from and stop supporting factories in China and other places which abuse their labor source.....meaning human beings!
~Take a french class from the local community college

So, that's my list. It will be fascinating to look back on this in 12 months and see where I've landed. I hope all of you have had a safe and happy new year. Paul, if you read this happy belated birthday!!!!! Our thoughts are with you and all of our loved ones. Wish us luck in our most rainy and dreary of months here in the Pacific Northwest. If anyone has a time share in Hawaii or Mexico that they just happen to not want let us know (hahahaha)

In closing here is a photo of Ryan receiving is E4 on his ship probably in Japan or somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Congratulations RJ! We love you and it's so nice to see photos of you again.....send more!

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  1. Hi Crystal & Scott. Thanks for the blog on your reflection of 2007 and intentions for 2008. I like that idea of intentions instead of resolutions. Best wishes for you both in your marriage, careers and your personal endeavors. I will personally enjoy your intention to blog more. Take care, Your Illinois Mom