Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cookies and Sadness

Tonight my family said goodbye to one of our most trusted companions. Our family dog Peaches passed away in the comforting safety of my parents. This is a sad night and the end to a very difficult week for my parents. My mom called a few hours ago with the news. Since then I have been crying, laughing, and baking. There are so many great memories when I think back: I laugh remembering the time Jeff woke up from a 'romantic' dream to realize the girl he was kissing was Peaches, or how when we adopted her we went to the pound to adopt a cat and came home with our new hyper family member (my dad was so mad, only to eventually fall head over heals in love with her).

So tonight I am baking. Whenever I am sad I bake Molasses cookies. They remind me of my earliest memories being in my great-grandmother's kitchen on the family farm. She made these wonderful saucer sized cookies from the barn molasses they used to feed the horses. I loved those cookies and the smell of them brings old and deep memories of comfort that reside in my very bones.

So tonight we say goodbye to our loved family member who was with us for 13 years. Thank you Peaches for loving us as much as we loved you. Here is your candle burning tonight in memory of you.

This candle is also burning tonight in memory of Dutchess the super kitty who is missed in all of her fluffy, shedding, lap warming beauty.

And thank you Jamie for your council regarding Peaches this week. We are forever grateful that you and Char are so kind with your advice, never acting bothered or put out when our far ranging questions come in from across the country regarding our four legged friends.

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