Wednesday, November 7, 2007

San Juan Islands

Let's see, first and foremost. Scott got a job working with an electrician outfit!!!!! This was great timing as he landed the job the day after our traveling and company wrapped up. The job will move him further up the line for the apprenticeship program while giving him great experience in the meantime. It will also offer insurance for both of us which is much needed. I hope you will all join me in congratulating him on breaking into a whole new line of work. It's taken many months and extreme commitment.

Two weeks ago we traveled to the San Juan islands of Northwest Washington for a late season camping trip. It is hard to find words to describe this experience, save to say we both fell in love with region. I have always wanted to learn how to boat and sail, as well as do some sea kayaking. We both loved all the water and trees, and the people were so incredibly kind. The state employees even held an entire ferry of people because we left our camera in a cafe on the dock. So, without those lovely people we would not have any of the images I am posting today.

Also, the next post down has a few videos I uploaded from Youtube. Unfortunately these aren't our videos, however, I feel that they all capture something unique about the region. The first video is a time lapse of the Ferry landing at Orcas Island. This was the first place we came to on the islands and will always hold a special place in my heart. The other two videos are an unrealized passion of mine. To sea kayak with killer whales. Now that would be something to write home about!

Stained glass windows from the Whale Museum, San Juan Island

Me joining a group of wooden people who looked like they were having fun. The town of Anacortes Washington has these people attatched to buildings all over town.

View of Mount Baker and the Twin Sisters as we embark on the ferry from Anacortes

Photos on the ferry crossing

I love this photo, it comes close to capturing how magical the sun played on the water

Early morning light on the Orcas Hotel, our first landing spot in the islands. We looked a bit longingly at this spot as we headed into the woods with our camping supplies

Our beautiful camping spot. There were only two other people on this entire lake while we were there

Having too much fun

Life size Orca whale one eyeing me.

Whale bones inside of the whale museum

Me in another life. I always knew there was a reason I liked water so much

Scott at the whale museum making whale sounds in the recording instruments

The next few photos will never do justice to the magnificent beauty we encountered that day. These are taken from the observation point on Mount Constitution which is located on Orcas Island. From here we had breathtaking views of the San Juan Islands, the Olympic Cascade mountain range, views into Canada including the city of Vancouver, as well as breathtaking views of Mt Baker. Rare are the days of clear visibility from this perch which is often shrouded with rain. I feel so blessed to have been there on this day.

A morning ferry ride to explore other islands in the area. I love the light first thing in the day.

Our last morning in camp, up early and trying to take it all in

Us, full of beautiful visions


  1. Those are some excellent pictures. I only wish that we had scenery like that here in the midwest...oh my beloved flatlands.

  2. Has ever any body told you that your eyes are like vast seas which cannot be fathomed by any body? Secondly, if someone looks into them, he can never come out. These are extremely observant eyes, which will never let any body pass sans reading everything.
    Wonderful picture saying it all!
    Good blog as well! Definitely a beautiful blog created by a beautiful person!