Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is my congratulations you graduated from Massage School Owl shaped truffle!!! Isn't he cute? It was really difficult to bite his head off.

Well, I did it! I GRADUATED!!! Can you believe it? Two years after landing in Portland I reeled in the big fish. So, now the simple and huge task of taking my board exams remains. Wish me luck everyone as I embark on my mad study sessions and deep breathing to allay the fear.

Here I am accepting my diploma

This is my favorite teacher Linda Hunt, a wonderful educator and mentor.

So, aside from that big news we've just been playing at being our normal selves. Scott blogged recently about our birthday celebration at the Amusement park. What he didn't mention is how he got me hooked on Bumper Cars. I never understood before this point in time the joy of ramming random strangers, and of course your husband:) with these funny little cars. Scott managed to snap a few photos of my ridiculous joy!

For my birthday Scott bought me a 10 lb bar of Dark Chocolate. You seriously have to go at this thing with a chisel and hammer in order to make a dent. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with it.....let's face it, I'm intimidated by its smooth chocolatey goodness. And of course, our most loving home moments are overseen by the ever watchful eye of the sparkly stag of doom.

Let's see.......what else to report???? The summer is winding down and soon I have to put away the big sunglasses.

We attended a wedding last weekend for some friends here in Portland. We hosted several people from out of town for the festivities. It was nice to have an excuse to get all gussied up and have a fun time.

After a few drinks at the wedding it was fun with the table arrangements.

Other then weddings and graduations it is 3D movies in bed .......

And the regular antics with Rasputin my husband:)

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