Monday, December 29, 2008

My Mood: Exhausted

I have insomnia.

I can't sleep and I'm up with a sick dog and a time bomb of illness known as our younger cat.

Jelly has kennel cough again and wants to cuddle up all the time. Kitty has what may or may not be an abscess developing on her chest. If it is then this will be her second in as many months. The last one required an hour wait in the lobby at the vet's and a $116 bill for a quick 5 minute confirmation of my diagnosis and some antibiotics.

The landlord is coming in the morning to inspect the apartment to see if it is possible to run an extension off the gas line to put in a dryer for us. We have a washing machine but no dryer which would have come in handy when Jelly peed all over the couch five minutes ago. Now the couch will be missing half its slip cover in the morning as it will be resting on the drying rack over the heating vent.

I will now return to 1/2 the couch with a book where I will cuddle Jelly so at least one of us can rest peacefully.

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