Friday, May 4, 2007

Yeah for Vacation!

Wow, I'm finally making it to the computer after a few weeks of wonderful vacation, planting the garden, and school midterms. Well, the midterms aren't wonderful and there are more to take tomorrow. This morning on my trip to the coffee shop the Irises were in such a riotous bloom that I almost fell off my bike. I've been meaning to post some photos of flowers this spring. Maybe that will be the next entry.

We had Pam with us the first week of May and had such a wonderful time visiting. We managed a visit to the coast with her friend Kathleen, a drive through the Columbia River Gorge, lots of great food, some theater, and a hail storm.

After driving back from the Oregon Coast we hit the city center just in time for the immigrant's rights march. We were wondering exactly why we couldn't get through traffic and news helicopters were circling.

The Columbia River Gorge was breathtaking. The weather held out and we drove the historic Columbia River Highway. This is a beautiful old road full of stone bridges and breathtaking waterfalls. Spring is the best time of year to visit this area since the winter runoff contributes to the power of the falls.

This is a view of the Columbia River Gorge:

Here are Scott and Mom with dogs and view. Note, Jelly's pink sightseeing t-shirt.

Then it was time to actually "take in" some waterfalls

We stopped at several waterfalls but perhaps the most "famous" is Multnomah Falls. This waterfall offers a lower and upper viewing bridge. Here is Scott on the upper bridge.

We also spent some time playing in the city as well. Pam got a healthy dose of public transit with us, including our much beloved MAX train line which we used amongst other things, to pick her up at the airport.

An afternoon running around isn't complete without a Bubble Tea! For those of you who haven't had this before, it's tea with tapioca "pearls" in the bottom. You have to drink it through a fat straw and you end up chewing up the tapioca. Sounds kindof gross, but it's wonderful.

We had such a wonderful visit I wish it could have gone on for weeks. Alas, all good things come to an end and we've been "back to the grind" for a few weeks now. This is midterm week for me so the books are everywhere and I am drinking far too much coffee. This is my last term of "core" classes. Starting in July I am working in the student clinic. Oh no, they are turning me loose on the public!!! I wonder if they know what they are doing?

I finished planting the garden which is always incredibly satisfying. The tedious work of the early season is now complete. I will sit back, water, prune, and watch our vegetables grow! This seasons crop includes: Slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, pole beans, brussel sprouts, spinach, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, strawberries, summer squash, zuccini, mini pumpkins, gypsy peppers, bell peppers, hopefully kiwis, and sunflowers.

Hope you are all well and happy. Much love!