Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Been a Good Year For Moss

We are anxiously awaiting our first family visitor of the spring. Pam (Scott's mom) will be joining us for a week and we are thrilled. Having family come to visit is an excuse to take some time off and open our own eyes to the beauty around us. We keep a long running list of sorts full of activities we check out then "rate". So, out will come the old list and after some beers and darts thrown at it we will have an itinerary.

I have recently discovered hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. I'm not sure how I managed to live here a year and a half and not partake in this beauty. The waterfalls alone are worth the hike. This spring they are running with such force that I feel renewed after standing in front of these giants.

We are planning a short jaunt to Montana in July. Hopefully my family will congregate there and I will be able to play with my nieces and nephews. Perhaps there will be a mountain summit in Glacier Park (Jeff? This is another big hint:) I think it's about time and we are overdue.

I posted a few pictures above of hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.

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